VTX Rubber Encased Olympic Grip Weight Sets
Price: $699.99
Choose from our 300lb, 400lb or 500lb sets.
2" rubber ...
Aeromat Deluxe Tri-Fold Mat (48" x 96")
Price: $249.99
Features Made with 1.5″ thick dense PE foam material – lightweight ...
Steelflex PLBP100 Leverage Bench Press Machine
Price: $969.00
Features Frame: 11 gauge steel, 2" x 4" oval tubing Electro statically applied ...
4lb Deluxe Medicine Ball
Price: $45.00
Features New texture for better grip and handling Essential for core, upper ...
Spri Xertube Resistance Band - Medium (Red)
Price: $9.99
Description Create just the right amount of resistance with the ideal workout ...

Fitness Equipment, Professional Gym Equipment & Accessories

If you’re in the market for fitness equipment, there are several ways to go about buying some. The most traditional way is to either go to a department store or a sporting goods store; however, some people know that the way to get the best price on fitness equipment is to buy it at the same places hotels and health clubs get their equipment - wholesale. Wholesale fitness equipment is generally much cheaper than what you’ll find in the store, and most wholesalers have an online shopping component, which makes shopping that much easier.


Body Solid Pro Dual Inner/Outer Thigh Machine
$2 495.00

Troy 12-Sided Rubber Encased Dumbbell 60 lbs
$187.44 $170.40

Exertools DynaDisc - 14" DynaDisc, Aqua
$29.65 $26.95

Olympic style triceps bar.
$90.20 $82.00

Spri Braided Xertube Resistance Band Level-Four

Aeromat Workout Mat With Handle

Body Solid E300 Elliptical Trainer
$1 915.00 $1 699.00

30lb Aeromat Kettlebell Medicine Ball

Premium Power Plyo Box Set

VTX 2 Tier Kettlebell Rack

Body Solid Powerline P1 Home Gym
$1 099.00

55cm Aeromat Burst Resistant Fitness Ball Kit


Wholesale Fitness Equipment and Gym Accessories

Wholesale fitness equipment is something you don’t want to make a bad purchase on. Due to the cost of each piece of equipment, a substantial investment is made every time. The equipment has to be proven to get results, yet be economical enough for your financial situation. Wholesalers know this, and give cut-rate pricing to clubs buying several different kinds of wholesale fitness equipment in bulk. For example, they might sell 20 pieces of cardio equipment to a club for about $34,000. If you’re balking at that price, that’s how much equipment is going for. This is why each purchase is critical. If only 20 pieces of equipment cost that much, just imagine how much all the equipment in your local health club costs.

Wholesale Fitness Equipment

Because most wholesale fitness equipment is out of the price range of many people, the majority of the customers that frequent wholesalers are apartment complexes, health clubs, and hotels. A single piece of equipment can cost $17,000; that will turn off a lot of people. However, wholesale fitness equipment isn’t completely of the most expensive variety. There are also bargains to be had at very affordable levels. Some businesses will even put together a deal for you, such as pairing a treadmill with a home gym for an attractive price.

Buying wholesale fitness equipment online is the way many clubs get good deals on several pieces of equipment at once. If you’ve ever wondered how health clubs get so many treadmills, this is the reason. By buying your equipment from the same places the health clubs do, you’re getting a taste of the discounts they enjoy all the time. Even if you’re buying just one piece of equipment, it might be enough of a savings over the regular stores to warrant the purchase. However, if you do consider buying wholesale, keep in mind that the big savings come from bulk purchases, which most individuals don’t do.

Daily Fitness Tips - Small Steps for Everyday Health

A sedentary lifestyle is common these days. With many people locked away in an office for hours on end, it seems that sitting at a desk in front of a computer is about the only physical activity getting done. However, with a few changes to the everyday routine, getting some exercise in will do you some good. There are definite advantages to adding physical activity to your daily life, and you’ll look and feel healthier as a result. This article will go over a few daily fitness tips that you can do in order to “secretly” mix in a few minutes of exercise a day, even with a predominantly sedentary lifestyle.

When you’re at home, take the opportunity to get some exercise in without having to do much extra work. Garden work does wonders for getting a moderately intense workout, for example. Cutting grass, raking leaves, tending to the garden, trimming the hedges—it all counts, and it’s a great way to burn calories. If you have a dog, taking him for a walk will get both of you some much needed exercise. Also, if you’re out shopping, parking further away from the entrance and walking the extra distance will allow you to sneak in a bit of cardio exercise without even going to the gym.

Cheap Folding Treadmill

At work, it’s still possible to squeeze in some physical activity, even with the most sedentary office jobs. For example, on your lunch break, take a walk around the building. If that’s not possible, head to your local mall and mall walk. Not only will you get a brisk walk or even a jog in, but you may meet people with a similar interest in mall walking. The easiest way to get a nice sweat going is to take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you work at the top of the building, make it easier on yourself by getting off the elevator a few floors and heading up the stairs the conventional way.

It has come to the point where saying “I don’t have time to exercise” isn’t a valid excuse anymore. These daily fitness tips, among other good ones not mentioned here, are great ways to sneak small amounts of exercise into your routine each day. While it’s true that not very many people have the time to block off of their schedules to go to the gym, seemingly little things like actually going to a co-worker’s desk to give them a message rather than texting them, can quickly add up.