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Ab Core Junior

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The Perfect Abdominal Solution!

What Makes the Abcore Junior Unique? The Abcore Junior is the real deal. Don′t waste your money on other inferior abdominal contraptions which are just marketing hype. This is the same machine many health clubs use but much better for two reasons.

The Abcore Junior allows you to isolate your abdominals like no other machine. Utilizing its patented bio-mechanical motion, the Abcore Junior directly targets both the upper and lower Abs in perfect synchronicity while taking the strain off the lower back.

This is also why the Abcore has been endorsed by chiropractors and gym owners from all over the country. But wait–it gets even better. For example, if you wish to isolate your left or right oblique muscles you can do so with a simple quick adjustment. Simply reach down under the seat (while seated) and lift the red handle and slide it left or right…you are now isolating your side oblique!

Here is a tip: remember to count how many reps you do on each side so you do the same number of reps on your opposite side.


  • Abcore isolates both frontal abdominals and obliques with a simple seat adjustment.
  • With bio-mechanical movement, Abcore trains the entire abdominal region without stressing the lower back.
  • Abcore has been endorsed by chiropractors and gym owners.
  • Seat Adjusts Left, Right & Center to isolate different muscle groups.


  • length 33" Width 29" Height 61"
  • Weight 120 lbs
  • Max user weight 240 lbs
  • Standard weight horn with 50 lbs capacity


  • One Year Warranty on all parts

    Sorry, this product is out of stock.


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