12 Ball Storage Rack
Price: $269.00
*Balls not included with rack These ball racks are lightweight, sturdy and easy ...
Troy Rubber Encased Grip Olympic Weight Sets
Price: $799.00
The Heavyweight of our line-up. This 2" premium plate comes with our Patented ...
VTX 8 Sided Rubber Encased Dumbbells 30 - 50lb Set
Price: $799.99 $799.00
Description Our Troy line of SD-R VTX 8 sided rubber encased dumbbells are ...
Troy Black Pro Style Dumbbells W/Chrome Caps 105-150lb Set
Price: $3 699.00
Description This set includes a pair each of 105-150lb black Pro Style ...
Horizontal three-tier dumbbell rack, holds up to 15 pair of dumbbells.
Price: $759.00 $690.00
Troy VTX Horizontal three-tier dumbbell rack, holds up to 15 pair of dumbbells.

Manta Ray

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Maximum growth in your upper and lower body, ask any trainer, the Squat is 'The King of Exercises'. It′s true, those nice comfortable machines work the legs, but for that anabolic edge, all the experts agree that the Squat is capable of inducing more and faster muscle growth than any other exercise.

Manta Ray is the most significant advancement in freeweight training in 75 years. It′s a semi-rigid device that snaps onto any bar and helps you achieve the full advantage of performing the high bar Squat with the proper upright posture and without the discomfort.

Manta Ray′s superior load distribution principle transfers the weight across your Trapezius muscles, eliminating neck pain and allowing you to focus on the movement. Great for Lunges too. So stop swearing your way through Squats. Worse yet–avoiding them all together. Manta Ray′s unparalleled design fits any physique, any bar, any gym bag.

Price: $49.99


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