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Seca 808 Scale W/ Body Fat & Water Measurement

Seca 808 Scale W/ Body Fat & Water Measurement - Image 1
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Physical well-being depends strongly on one′s diet and weight – the seca quadra 808 is a valuable aid to the user in both areas. The elegant glass scale not only determines the weight but also the body′s water and fat content, thus making possible a sound judgement of one′s nutritional condition. A scale which will astound you with its intelligent functions and high precision – and with its beautiful design.

Individual BW/BF measurement: With a hardly visible coating on the glass platform, the seca quadra 808 measures the user′s individual body composition. Personal data such as height, age and gender are included in each BW/BF measurement. There are four memory cells available for storing this individual data. The scale automatically recognises the user on the basis of the weight. The platform coating is extremely transparent so that the glass character is optimally preserved.

Modern and practical: Stainless steel elements were selected for the seca quadra 808 to attach the glass platform to the wavelike plastic base. A combination which not only enhances the design of the scale but is also extremely practical: the firm connection of base and platform guarantees stability and the wave form makes it easy to clean under the glass plate.

Robust, economic, durable: The plastic base and glass platform of 8 mm strong safety glass are especially shock-proof. Due to the power saving automatic switch-off and the low power consumption, long-lasting use is guaranteed, making around 8,000 weighings per set of batteries possible.


  • Capacity: 330lbs.
  • 0.2 Increments
  • Measures Body Water Content
  • Measures Body Fat Content

    Price: $109.00

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