VTX Pro Dumbbell Series 8-Sided Rubber Encased Dumbbells 5-100 lb Set
Price: $4 111.80 $3 738.00
Troy VTX-Pro Dumbbells Series - 8 sided rubber encased dumbbell with chrome ...
Olympic Squat Rack Combo
Price: $999.00
Our Olympic Squat Rack Combo includes the heavy duty E-Series Squat Rack, VTX ...
Aeromat Wobble Board
Price: $42.99
Features Great at home, at the office and when traveling – take it anywhere! ...
12Lb Troy Weighted Bar
Price: $55.00
Description The Troy Bar features a solid steel core for evenly distributed ...
Troy Interlocking Urethane Olympic Weight Sets
Price: $969.00
The heavyweight of our lineup. These polyurethane coated “Quiet Iron® ...

Triceps press down bar - solid.