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Exertools 12" Swivel Discs Swivel/ Balance Boards (pair)

Exertools 12
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Manufacturer: Exertools Inc

12" Swivel Discs (pair) The 12" Swivel Discs come in a pair and are excellent for single leg and bilateral work. They can be positioned any distance and/or angular relation to each other offering infinite training possibilities. The discs can be utilized to promote the "figure eight" movement pattern similar to that used in throwing, swinging, and hitting, teaching the user how to quickly "open their hips" and feel the generation of power from the body's center Teaches how to "open your hips" for an improve tennis stroke or the all-important concept of "locking your hips" for the backswing in golf. Made in USA

Price: $77.00 $70.00


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