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20" x 40" Exertools DynaBoard™ Balance Board

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Manufacturer: Exertools Inc

20" x 40" Exertools DynaBoard Balance BoardCombine the DynaDisc® or DynaDisc Plus; with Exertools DynaBoards and experience a variety of physiological demands in numerous postures. The 20" x 40" Dyna-Board is one of the only devices in the market for core stabilization exercises while on all fours with little or no compression of the spine. DynaBoards are made 5/8" Baltic Birch Coated with aluminum oxide/sand non-skid surface Can be used for weight shift exercises, squats, and unique core and hip stabilization exercises. Changing the relationship to the center hole significantly increases the number of physiological benefits. Ship Weight 11lbs MADE IN THE USA NOTE: The Dyna Disc shown does not come with the Dyna Board. If you would like a DynaDisc to use under the DynaBoard, order from accessories. (

Price: $71.50 $65.00


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