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Exertools DynaPac 15

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Manufacturer: Exertools Inc

Exertools DynaPac 15 The Exertools DynaPac 15 includes one 14" DynaDisc® and a one 15" DynaBoard;. It offers a wide range of single-leg as well as seated balance exercise options. Package includes: (1) DynaDisc® - 14" Diameter (colors by availability) - use alone for one or two-leg exercises, seated exercises, or with dynaboard for range of motion, and variable weight shift exercises. NOTE: Please select Disc Color in options menu (we will contact you if choices are not in stock for exact availability) (1) 15" DynaBoard; - combine this 15" diameter board with the DynaDisc for single leg exercises Dynadisc Features and Benefits The original exercise balance device, DynaDisc is an inflatable pillow capable of withstanding 2000lbs/sq. inch. It's smooth on one side and textured with pegs on the other. Use DynaDisc seated to give you benefits similar to a gymball, standing to increase balance and muscular resistance while doing exercises, or lying to improve strength and core stabilization for floor exercises." Vary disc inflation to change the degree of difficulty. Dynadisc improves posture, alignment and creates a more challenging workout in less time. And DynaDisc comes with a complete satisfaction warranty and industry leading two-year guarantee. ""width="576"height="275 Combine the ( DynaBoard;) to create a wide range of rocker and wobble exercises. A center hole allows incremental shifting of a DynaDisc beneath, to adjust physiological difficulty and benefits. Slots in the board allow for attaching bands or fitness loops to extend to a wide range of exercise options. See: ( and ( Bands). Use with other standard exercises and traditional weight and stretching products to enhance your strength, stability and balance training. DynaDisc Specifications: Unique beveled edge supports comfort to the hamstrings Smooth on one side, textured on the other Made of the same material as a gymball Inflate with a traditional ball needle 2,000 pounds per square inch DynaBoard Specifications: Made of sturdy 5/8" Baltic Birch Coated with aluminum oxide/sand non-skid surface Centerhole allows precise positioning over DynaDiscs to vary difficulty Side slots allow combining fitness tubes or bands for additional exercise options Made in USA (

Price: $62.63 $56.94


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