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Exertools DynaDisc Jr. - 7" Pair, Meadow Green

Exertools DynaDisc  Jr. - 7
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Manufacturer: Exertools Inc

Mini Balance Cushion - 7" (Pair) - Green
Balance Cushion "Jr.s" are used to add the element of instability to any workout. Great for core training, Sports Specific training like Golf swing weight shifts, squats with weights, or pushups, planks, yoga poses, etc.

The balance cushion is so versatile: You can stand, lie down, kneel, do lunges, weight shifts, rotation and weight training exercises while using them. They are a great addition for accelerating strength and balance training.


• (2) 7" inch diameter discs
•Unique beveled edge supports comfort to the hamstrings
•Made of the same material as a gymball
•Inflate with a traditional ball needle (not included)
•2,000 pounds per square inch
•Color: Green
•Download the user guide at:

Price: $32.95 $29.95


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