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Exertools DynaDisc - 14" DynaDisc, Royal Blue

Exertools DynaDisc - 14
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Manufacturer: Exertools Inc

DynaDisc® 14" Balance Cushion - Royal Blue
Add a whole new dimension to any workout program
with an Exertools DynaDisc balance cushion.

DynaDisc® is one of the best core stabilization devices available. Add core exercises to any workout. Dyna Disc offers many of the same core exercises on a ball, but reduces the risk of falling. These balance cushions work core muscles more completely than a gym ball because it focuses on those muscles no matter what position you are in.

You can sit on it or use it on the floor, stand on it with 1 or 2 feet. Enhance weight training by standing on one or two DynaDiscs. Do sit-ups, lunges, deep knee bends, push-ups or leg lifts incorporating the DynaDisc balance cushion.

Use it at home, then take it with you to the gym. Slip it into your suitcase when you travel so that you can have a core workout in the hotel room.

It's perfect for seniors and those with chronic backpain to use as a chair cushion in therapy, at home-- even at the office. Also can be used as a cushion on bleachers at sporting events.
Add an Exertools DynaBoard™ Balance Board to create a full range of rocker and wobble exercises. DynaDisc is an excellent tool for combined strength and balance training.


* 14 inches in diameter
* Unique beveled edge supports comfort to the hamstrings
* Made of the same material as a gymball
* Inflate with a traditional ball needle (not included)
* 2,000 pounds per square inch
* Color: Royal Blue

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Price: $29.65 $26.95


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