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High Density PowerCore Foller™ 6 x 36 Full Round Foam Roller - White

High Density PowerCore Foller™ 6 x 36 Full Round Foam Roller - White - Image 1
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Manufacturer: Exertools Inc

2.8 Density - 6" x 36" - Full Round PowerCore Foam Roller - White The PowerCore Foller; is uniquely designed for additional firmness and durability. Specially manufactured from high density foam around a rigid PVC core. Features a 1-1/2" rigid pvc tube surrounded by a high density (2.8 pounds per cubic foot) closed cell foam. Foam Rollers are one of the most widely used therapeutic and conditioning products available. They easily adapt to a variety of techniques, including mobilization, balance and strength training, and can be used effectively in many positions...supine, prone, sitting, kneeling, lying on your side, or standing. This Fitness Force item is a product of Sunshine Marketing. For specfic excercise techniques, please to refer to our free downloadable pdf. ( the Follers Foam Roller Guide)

Price: $54.99 $49.99


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